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Voices From Our Community

"This game is a huge hit in my gaming group; lots of screaming and yelling, but we love it lol the best moment is getting someone to trust you, then turning on them last second. This game is great!"

"Easy to learn, quick, and fun. This is a good game to play in between heavier games, or as a night cap to game night."

"Really nice deduction game, playable in 20-30 min and you can't just play one game you really will play it again and again."

"Feels like the joker bank robbing scene from the movie. Tons of fun and easy to play and teach!"

"A very fun game! Has hit the table every night now!"

"There is something enjoyable when you can sit at a table and play this game with others. I've had the pleasure of playing this at Cons and events and keep coming back to the table. It has some deduction, but the fun comes from passing money, chloroform and giving someone hush money. Highly recommend this and will be making this a regular at game night."