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In Hungry for Humans, you have a monster friend who really, really wants to eat you. But if you feed it the best human food we have to offer, you will curb its human hunger and help it become the most powerful monster in the wild. Luckily, you’ve discovered the scenic hills of West Virginia – the one place in the world where the food is delicious enough, the people are friendly enough, and the landscape is majestic enough to take the edge off any monster’s human hunger. Here, your monster will take part in a weekend of feasting on the world’s best cuisine. But be careful, your fellow humans may try to sabotage your monster’s next meal and leave you to become a human corn dog.

Each round the humans will submit dishes to a meal that the hungriest monster will eat. The hungriest monster is decided by the Hunger Level tiles which the humans will secretly choose for their monster before each meal is revealed. The meal will be revealed and the humans will then play Monster Power cards to sabotage other monsters or help their own. The Hunger Level tiles will then be revealed and the hungriest monster will eat the meal and add the total to its Power Level. If a monster eats too fast and exceeds level 20 it becomes too powerful and explodes. If it doesn’t eat the right stuff and goes below level 1, it becomes hangry and eats its human. The most powerful monster standing after 15 meals will be the winner!

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